Rental can be the ideal solution to decorate a temporary living space for events, ceremonies or photo shoots.

For this purpose, the Rugs Edition offers a wide selection of luxury carpets, with several sizes and types, that can fulfill different needs and occurrences.


A rug is a precious piece of furniture that must be preserved from time and wear through accurate but delicate washing, able to restore its fibers softness and shine.

Anti-mopping, ecological, disinfectant or perfumed hand washing are performed at the Rugs Edition, included withdrawal and delivery at home. Limited interventions are also possible in case of stains or loss of color.


For the restoration or a repair, the Rugs Edition only exploits specialized artisans who work in compliance with the original bill, with the same knots and the same materials.

Everything happens with extreme care and professionalism: the Rugs Edition withdraws the carpet and, after the restoration work, delivers it back home in all its luxurious magnificence.


A carpet is an object of great value. Precisely for this reason, the Rugs Edition offers to its customers a storage service, useful for holidays or short or long absence from home.

The storage service is available at any time of the year and it guarantees the total insurance coverage of the carpet.